Personnel consulting in the medical field

CaroCare, the division of Caro Unternehmensberatung GmbH has specialized in the placement of doctors, specialists and nurses. Thanks to the intercultural competence and professionalism, CaroCare has established itself as a competent partner in the medical field, on the German, Swiss and Romanian market. We are developing individual solutions in the process of placing specialists and executive staff, especially in the health care field. CaroCare has a wide offer of customers and a very good connection to the Romanian specialists. Our recruiting consultants are competent partners and qualified translators in bi-national recruiting agencies. In the health care field, the acquired specialists have a final degree from a European institution of higher education.

The doctors and registered nurses / nurse assistants are part of a trend towards an increasingly differentiated labor market. The development of the health care system challenges clinics, hospitals and doctor's offices from the personnel point of view.

The need for healthcare services combined with a shortage of doctors and nurses increases the competition for highly qualified personnel. Medical care facilities can only further develop when their specialists have the necessary qualification and motivation. On a specialized market we rely greatly on highly qualified specialists from Germany and from abroad.

Modern medical equipment, robotic nursing and IT-based diagnostic procedure will be the trend towards a more demanding job profile and the need for academic trained healthcare professionals in the healthcare field.

Legal counselling in personnel placement

As a specialized personnel provider, we offer comprehensive services when highly qualified medical and nursing professionals are placed. Due to the emphasized position on the market, vacancies will be promptly filled. In addition to the professional and personal qualifications, the recognition of the professional and university degrees are an integral part of the international recruiting agencies.

Personnel consulting in the healthcare sector

The German personnel counselling meets the needs of the specialists, both from the technical and legal points of view. Whether we are talking about a doctor, nurse or nurse assistant, all candidates go through intensive interviews. Thus, it is ensured that all the wishes and the requirements profile of the customer match the profile of the candidate. The client receives a professional and personal insight into the results of the selection procedure. If the client is interested in the candidate, a personal interview will be planned.

We accompany the entire placement process from the first stage until the working contract has been concluded and we remain at your disposal also after this process has ended. The validation process will be handled professionally and promptly.

Besides Germany and Romania our team is also responsible for the Swiss clients. In cooperation with Swiss companies, CaroCare places medical personnel in German-speaking regions in Switzerland. CaroCare team is familiar with the characteristic features of the German-speaking European labor market and the development trends, as well as the opportunities to attract medical personnel from abroad. We also have experience in financing language courses, in approvals and transfers both to Germany and Switzerland.

In addition to placing personnel in medical professions, Caro Unternehmensberatung GmbH also activates in the STEM field (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology, IT and engineering).

The CaroCare business unit develops individual solutions for the integration of highly qualified personnel from the health industry and finds a prompt solution for vacant positions in clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices. Together with German and Swiss clients, CaroCare develops customized personnel concepts, which incorporate different job profiles, country-specific characteristics and corporate cultures. The high level of satisfaction achieved by all parties involved lays the foundation for a successful and long-lasting cooperation.